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Tannus Unisex's Armour Puncture Round Protection, high Grip with Low Rolling Resistance, Easy Assembly, Reusable, Free tyre and Tread Selection, red, 29 x 1.95-2.50

Brand: Tannus

Color: red


  • Made of very light high-tech polymer foam - patented Aither 1.1 technology
  • Very light weight, reusable and recyclable
  • Very simple and tool-free installation between bicycle tires and bicycle tubes
  • Quiet and comfortable driving experience - good shock absorption, good grip and low rolling resistance
  • Support for the entire tire: at low air pressure, the Armor acts against deformation and at higher pressure it adjusts its thickness.Armour size: 29 x 1.95 - 2.50, 50/63 - 622.Matching tire: 29 x 1.95 - 2.50, 50/63 - 622.Matching tube: 700 x 44 - 54 C, 44/54 - 622.Rim inner width: 19 - 33 mm

Details: The effective puncture protection system TANNUS Armor offers all-round protection against punctures, cuts and bruises! The system is installed very easily and without tools between tires (free choice of tires and tread pattern!) and tube. The outside of the hose is thus enclosed and thus protected. At the thickest point the puncture protection has a thickness of 15 mm, on the sides and in the rim area 2 mm. Depending on the tire pressure, the Tannus Armour changes its density and the thickness adjusts. If the air pressure drops, the Armour still acts against deformation and still offers high grip and low rolling resistance. It is therefore possible to continue driving at a reduced speed even if the hose is defective. The special high-tech polymer foam also provides good shock absorption while driving and the material is very light and recyclable. Another plus point is the reusability.

UPC: 193751005322

EAN: 0193751005322

Binding: Sports

Item Condition: New

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