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Protick Remedy Tick Removal Tool for Dogs Cats Horses People and Pets - Includes 5X Magnifier Tick ID Card


  • ✔️BEST RATED IN PUBLISHED RESEARCH – safely remove non-engorged and engorged ticks & tiny deer tick nymphs from dogs, cats, horses’ people, and more.
  • ✔️EASILY CARRIED ON YOUR PERSON - pocket, wallet, key chain or first aid kit for instant access. It’s tough and always with you.
  • ✔️PRECISION DESIGN REMOVES TICKS WITHOUT SQUEEZING – designed to grip tick at the entry point without damage to the tick.
  • ✔️PROVIDES SAFER REMOVAL THAN TWEEZERS - by keeping ticks undamaged and fluids inside the tick and away from skin, this helps avoid contamination.
  • ✔️ BEATS TWEEZERS precision edges remain aligned, there are no sharp points to be concerned with while working with a squirming person or pet.

Details: You'll get a full remover kit with all the needed tick removal items - ProTick Remedy kit with 5X magnifier, a multi-species tick id card, a detailed 4 color pamphlet on tick identification and protection. It's the original "super simple tick lifter". It's the choice of professionals since 1993 because it's very convenient to carry and it works . . . easily. Tick ID card pictures include: American Dog, Deer tick, Lone Star tick. The ProTick Remedy was superior when tested at Ohio State University against other tick removers and tweezers. Here's a quote from a research paper published in 1995. " . . . while others (tick removers and tweezers) broke the tip of the hypostome and chelicerae (mouthparts) in at least one (American Dog tick) tick. The ProTick Remedy succeeded in removing all fifty-one ticks without damaging any mouthparts . . results indicate that the ProTick Remedy removed the most tick cement while causing the least damage . ." More recent tests (Wall Street Journal 7/2015) Protection Against Lyme Disease Spirochete Transmission Provided By Prompt Removal of Nymphal Ixodes scapularis) against nymph deer ticks the dangerous immature ones) showed that the ProTick Remedy removes nymph deer ticks the same level as a #4 tweezer, by removing 100% of the tested nymph deer ticks. Of critical importance is not only the intuitive ease of use that a tool design offers but also it must be a tool you can carry easily. The critical time period is to remove a feeding tick within 24 hours. This is not a guarantee but is the primary recommendation. When you need a tick removed, you need it now because most of us don't know when the ticked attacked us. Was it an hour ago, 10 hours ago . . . who knows? The ProTick Remedy is in your pocket, or your wallet, at your side ready to pull the tick off and stop its feeding. The ProTick Remedy meets and exceeds any expectation for ease of use and ease of carrying. it's made of steel in the USA


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