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Pro Shot Coated Rod .22 .45 Cal. Multi Cal Classic Pistol Box Kit

Coated Rod .22-.45 Cal. Multi-Cal Classic Pistol Box Kit


This kit includes all the gear you need to clean all calibers of handguns and keep them organized in a nice plastic case. Kit includes brushes, rod, jag, CLP and more.



  • PTC- Pro-Tuff Coated 6.5” Working Length Rod
  • Exclusive Design, Full Size Swivel Handle
  • Brass Patch Holder
  • Muzzle Guard
  • (4) Brass Core/Bronze Bristle Pistol Brushes for: .22 Cal., .357, .38 Cal./9mm, .40 Cal./10mm, .45 Cal.
  • (1) Multi-Cal Heavy Duty Nylon Bristle Bronze Core Bore Brush for: .38-.45 Cal.
  • Double Ended Nylon Gun Brush
  • World Famous 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches
  • Pro-Gold Lubricant Packet
  • 1 Step CLP Needle Oiler 1 fl. oz.
  • Silicone Cloth
  • Original J Neon Green Bore Light