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Pro Shot Chamber Maid Chamber Star Swabs

Chamber Maid 5.56mm/.223 Cal. Chamber Star Swabs - 50 Pack


Chamber Maid™ 5.56mm/.223 Cal. Chamber Star Swabs 20 Pack Makes Cleaning AR Platform Rifle Chambers Fast & Easy!

Pro-Shot\'s Chamber Maid™ Chamber Stars remove carbon and fouling build-up in the locking lug recesses of your favorite AR rifle fast & easy! Just thread onto bore brush and rotate inside lug recesses to remove gunk that was broken loose by using a chamber brush. Chamber star US Patent# 0562,935



  • Applies CLP or oil evenly in Star Chamber
  • Removes loosened fouling/carbon from 5.56mm/.223 Cal. Star Chamber
  • Threads onto Standard 5.56mm/.223 Cal. bore brush (Nylon Bristle Recommended)
  • Strong and Absorbent Industrial Wool Felt
  • Full AR Lug Recess Pattern - Patented Design (Chamber Star US Patent# 0562,935)
  • Made in USA