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Champion Police Silhouette B 21 E Targets 22.5" X 35"


Police Silhouette B-21E Targets


Champion's professional line of targets includes full size targets to train with on the range. Our LE targets range in size from 22.5 x 35" up to 24" x 45" and are available in 10, 25 and 100 packs. The designs include four different classic training design and are offered in three different colors for contrast and different training situations or simulations. Many of the designs also include a shot value table to track shots and score them accordingly for training and qualification purposes.




  • High-definition printing
  • Multiple standardized LE designs
  • Scoring table for keeping track of performance and rounds
  • Packed in quantity for training needs
  • Targets range in size from 22.5" x 35" up to 24" x 45"