Backcountry Research Mutherload Strap Frame Mount - Quadra Camo - Easy to Use - Adjustable and Secure Mountain Bike Frame Strap - UV Resistant and Easy to Wash

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  • Backcountry Research Mutherload Frame Strap - Digital Camo Blue
  • Mounts on bike frame. Perfect for storing essential trail needs on your frame. Clean up is easy, hose off or throw in the wash. Heavy duty Bartacks used on all shock-cord stress points.
  • Adjusts to accommodate frames as small as 4" in circumference (think steel frame) all the way up to a 9" circumference carbon frame. 1" width easily fits in tight spaces. Unique design maximizes grip quotient to keep your precious cargo from hula hooping.
  • No more juggling, rubber bands or one handed cinching. Our proprietary dual shockcord preload-strap keeps your tubes, levers, inflation and more tightly bound to keep your goodies from falling on the ground during installation
  • Intuitive on/off design. Picker free and won't snag shorts. Sewn with #92 industrial UV and rot resistant bonded polyester thread.