Mo Pros - Pack-It Bracket Full Kit - Ajoosta GR Small, Snowmobile Rack, Custom Fit to Machine Type

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Size:Skidoo Rev |  Color:Sllver

The Ajoosta GR Small

An Incredibly Reliable Weapon In The Backcountry, Specifically Designed For Storing All Your Unique Essentials.

This Rack Has Full Configuration Capability For Any Bag Or Cargo Solution, Matching Your Distinct Preferences And Delivering That Good Day In The Mountains.

Rest assured the Ajoosta GR Platform has been absolutely hammered by Mo Pros, so you know it's high quality + performance tested and the best.

The GR Series racks have a lower profile than any tunnel bag on the market and doesn't interfere or impede your ability to snowmobile at all. The rack system's open back design eliminates snow hold weighing you down and allows continual fresh snow to circulate through the rack and cool your tunnel.
Completely optimized, the Pack-It bracket carries more types of equipment with maximized performance across types of cargo.
Don't worry about weight impacting performance, one Pack-It bracket weighs less than an iPhone.
The Patented Pack-It Bracket attains the highest level of excellence in performance and quality.
Until it's physically resting in your hand will you realize it's absolute perfection in build quality. This is why we're backing it with a Lifetime Warranty, no questions asked.
Entire Base Rack System Plus...
- 4 Pack-It Brackets
- 4 Mo Pros Straps
- 8 Ratchets
- 8 Ladder Straps
- 8 Machined Plugs
- Black Corrosion Proof Hardware (Military Grade)

  • Carries Snowboards, Skis, Guns, Avalanche Shovels, Tents, Fishing Poles, Chainsaws And More!
  • Superior Design - Never blocks cargo access. Never blocks rear bumper access.
  • Fast - Best loading and unloading time in the industry.
  • Burly - Roll the machine with cargo and gear secured.
  • Clean - Clear running boards for sledding and access to system from any angle.