Backcountry Access BCA Scepter Aluminum Poles

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The workhorse BCA Scepter Aluminum Poles, unlike most adjustable poles, comes in one size that adjusts from 105cm, for deep knee telemarkers and short people, all the way up to 145cm. Most ski poles have a small model that goes from 100cm to 125 or 130cm, and a large size that goes from 115cm to 145cm. The Scepter grip is very functional with its long, flat top for quickly pushing off the snow that collects on the tops or bottoms of your skis when youre skinning.

  • Strap: Adjustable webbing
  • BCA Scraper Grip, rubber over-mold
  • 7075 Aluminum shaft
  • Size: Adjustable 105 cm - 145 cm
  • Carbide tip