EK USA Cat Crap Multi-Use Anti-Fog Spray

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Color:Balm Cleaner

One of the most popular anti-fog products on the market. Our lens cleaner and anti-fog treatment is safe on all lenses and great for eyewear, ski and swim goggles, binoculars, and helmet visors. It's also great as an eye glass cleaner. Simply rub on and wipe off, and you're in for a clear day–free of dust and fog. Made in the USA.

  • EASY APPLICATION - To use our convenient, anti-fog, lens cleaner, simply rub the balm on, then wipe off for improved visibility and lens clarity. This half-ounce balm holds enough Cat Crap for multiple uses.
  • STAY IN THE CLEAR - Get the most out of this multi-use balm, a specifically-formulated lens cleaner for eyewear, goggles, binoculars, and more. It pairs great with our microfiber lens cleaning cloth.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - This little greenish balm is small and easy to carry in your pocket or bag for quick, convenient use whenever you need it.
  • SAFE ON COATED LENSES - Safe to use on a variety of eyewear with any lens coating; including mirrored finishes.
  • PROTECTS FROM DUST AND LINT- Cat Crap's formula also protects lenses, binoculars, helmet visors, etc, from dust and lint.