For those...
enthralled with the mountains
captivated by the rivers.
who get outside for the pure joy of it.


We are not salesman who know how to make money in the outdoors retail space.
We are not business men looking to increase the dividends of our sports portfolio.
JAGALOON.com is built by those of us who simply love the outdoors.
Those who find joy in stepping away from the connected world.

Est. 2015, Logan, UT

Logan has it all.

Crags to climb.

Filled with some of the nations best Limestone. There is nearly endless possibilities for both hard sport and mellow days out climbing.

Trails to ride.

Hard pack dirt woven all throughout the canyon and Bear River mountains that surround us. Put your tires to the dirt and explore the vast trail system.

Rivers to fish.

Clear as glass and fed from the annual snowfall. Logan river is a pristine fly fishing secret. Find solitude and open air just a touch off the trail.


JAGALOON.com began because we love the outdoors.
We want everyone to experience that feeling of dropping into fresh un-tracked lines, or ripping through berms of hero dirt.
The outdoors are not a closed arena for the gnarled badass. If you want to climb K2, we'll help you do it.
If you want to teach your kids about tadpoles along the nature trail, we'll help you teach them.
If you just need a bigger hammock that's more comfortable for cuddling, we've got you covered.
Whatever your outdoors... we'll help you find it.


Meet the team that would rather be behind handle bars than a computer screen.

Steve Jenson

Voted most likely to not come into work when it's snowing.

Ian Butler

(Director of Operations)
Guaranteed to get any bike working even if it's mid-trail or mid-night.

Kevin Landgren

(Director of Marketing)
Quite commonly lost in the wilderness with backpacks full of rope instead of food.